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Immigration Lawyer in Geo City

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Family Immigration

Lamb & Turner, PLLC provides a wide range of family immigration services for residents of Geo City, including visa applications, family green cards, DACA immigration, and fighting against deportation. We help prepare applications, overcome legal challenges, and represent our clients throughout the immigration process.


We offer comprehensive visa services so that you can work, travel, study, or permanently move to the United States. We help our clients obtain H-1B, F-1, and B-1/B-2 visas, as well as immigrant visas. Additionally, We can help you renew or extend your existing visa.


Are you facing persecution or fearing persecution in your home country? Lamb & Turner, PLLC can help you seek protection in the United States under asylum statutes. We can help evaluate asylum seekers’ eligibility, prepare and submit asylum applications, and provide representation during asylum interviews and hearings.

U.S. Citizenship & Naturalization

We can help you apply for U.S. citizenship and naturalization through comprehensive legal advice and representation. We’re here to help you through each step in the process and to develop personalized strategies to overcome any obstacles that come up during the process.

Deportation & Removal

Lamb & Turner, PLLC offers aggressive deportation and removal defense services to protect our clients from being deported. We represent our clients in court and prepare applications of relief, such as cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, and asylum. We are here for you and your family throughout this process.

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Geo City Immigration Lawyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Immigration lawyers provide essential assistance in understanding legal requirements, preparing and submitting applications, and representing clients in legal proceedings. They help individuals and families avoid costly mistakes, ensure compliance with deadlines and regulations, and improve the chances of a successful outcome in immigration matters. Plus, immigration lawyers can offer crucial support in cases involving deportation, asylum, and citizenship, ensuring that clients’ rights are protected throughout the process.

The cost of an immigration lawyer varies widely depending on the complexity of the case, the lawyer’s experience, and the region. Generally, simpler services, such as green card applications, cost less than more complex cases, such as deportation defense. It’s important for clients to discuss fees upfront and understand the payment structure to avoid any unexpected costs.

The goal of an immigration lawyer is to facilitate clients’ legal entry, stay, and integration into a new country while ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. This includes providing expert advice on legal rights and obligations, preparing and filing necessary documentation accurately and timely, and representing clients in various immigration-related proceedings. Immigration lawyers aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients, whether it involves obtaining visas, green cards, citizenship, or defending against deportation.

Hiring an immigration lawyer offers numerous benefits, including expert guidance through the complex legal landscape of immigration laws and procedures. Lawyers help ensure that applications and documentation are accurately prepared and submitted, reducing the risk of errors that can lead to delays or denials. They provide personalized advice tailored to individual circumstances, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome. Additionally, immigration lawyers can offer critical support in legal proceedings, such as deportation defense or appeals, and help clients understand their rights and options. Their expertise and experience can save clients time, stress, and potentially significant financial costs associated with navigating the immigration process independently.

While it’s not mandatory to have a lawyer at the interview, their expertise and support can significantly enhance your confidence and the overall process. They can provide support, ensure that your rights are protected, and help clarify any confusing questions or issues that arise during the interview. A lawyer’s presence can also help alleviate anxiety and provide reassurance, as they can intervene if any misunderstandings occur or if the questioning veers into inappropriate or irrelevant areas. Having a lawyer with you can demonstrate that you are serious about your case and committed to complying with all legal requirements, potentially increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

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