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Houston Immigration Attorneys

Lamb & Turner, PLLC is a Houston, Texas law office that provides legal counsel regarding a full range of immigration matters to both individual and commercial clients.

We proudly serve clients all across Texas and the United States. Our seasoned immigration attorneys have successfully represented clients in many complex immigration matters, ranging from asylum cases to deportation and removal defense. At Lamb & Turner, PLLC, we provide comprehensive, personalized legal counsel in all matters related to immigration law.

Our Approach

At Lamb & Turner, PLLC, our attorneys practice exclusively in the area of immigration law. This challenging, ever-changing area of the law requires years of experience to master and our office is cognizant of the requirement to be up to date with new laws and regulations, as well as government processing procedures. Our immigration attorneys’ commitment to solely focus on this area of the law provides our clients with the high-quality legal counsel they need in this complex field.

What distinguishes Lamb & Turner, PLLC from other law firms is the excellent personalized service we provide to each client. From consultation to closure of the case, our office strives to provide each client with not only first-class legal representation, but also outstanding customer support, as well as competitive prices. Our attorneys know that every immigration case and client is completely unique – this is why we are committed to providing personalized legal counsel to each of our clients based on their individual needs and goals.

Our office strives to offer a candid analysis of the client’s case in order to explain the client’s rights and available options. We know it is essential that our clients understand each action and decision made in their case. This why we always take the time to thoroughly answer our clients’ questions: We view our clients as partners – together we will develop the best legal strategy to achieve a favorable resolution for your immigration case.

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If you are facing an immigration matter, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who can explain your rights and options. Our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to help you navigate the complex U.S. immigration system and effectively resolve your case. Fill out the form to the right or call us to schedule an appointment.

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