Understanding Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is a serious criminal charge that involves an attack with the intent to cause severe bodily harm. In some cases, it involves the use of a weapon or results in significant injury.

Judge and lawyer discussing the sentence for prisoner in the court room for aggravated assault

For immigrants, the consequences of being charged with aggravated assault can potentially affect their immigration status and lead to deportation. Moreover, the law treats this offense with utmost severity, imposing heavy penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines.

Different Types of Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault encompasses a range of violent actions that vary in severity and circumstances.

Each type of aggravated assault carries distinct legal implications and requires a unique defense strategy.

  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon: Using a weapon, such as a gun, knife, or any object that can cause serious injury or death.
  • Assault with Intent to Cause Serious Bodily Harm: Attacking someone with the clear intention of causing severe physical injury.
  • Assault During the Commission of Another Crime: Committing assault while engaging in another criminal act, such as robbery or burglary.
  • Domestic Violence-Related Assault: Committing aggravated assault against a family member or intimate partner, often involving severe harm or threats with a weapon.
  • Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer: Attacking a police officer or other public safety officials while they are performing their duties.
  • Assault with the Intent to Commit a Felony: Assaulting someone with the specific intention of committing a more serious felony offense.
  • Assault Resulting in Permanent Disability or Disfigurement: Causing long-term or permanent injury to the victim.
  • Sexual Assault: An aggravated assault that involves sexual violence, often with the intent to cause serious harm or use a weapon.

Each type of aggravated assault carries different legal implications and requires a tailored approach to address the specific circumstances of the case.

Defense Against Aggravated Assault Charges in Texas

An aggravated assault charge can severely impact your immigration status. The authorities consider convictions for aggravated assault as crimes of violence, which can lead to deportation or removal proceedings. Also, such charges can affect your eligibility for visas, green cards, and naturalization, making it crucial to have strong legal representation to protect your rights and future in the United States.

At Lamb & Turner, PLLC, we specialize in defending immigrants facing aggravated assault charges. We understand the unique challenges and fears that come with such serious accusations that can put immigration status at stake.

Our experienced legal team provides robust defense strategies tailored to your specific case.

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Expertise in Criminal and Immigration Law: Our deep understanding of both criminal defense and immigration law allows us to offer comprehensive legal support. We’ll address all aspects of your case.

Personalized Defense Strategies: We carefully review every detail of your case to build a strong defense to achieve the best possible outcome.

Dedicated Advocacy: Our team stands by your side, offering unwavering support and expert legal representation against aggravated assault charges.

How We Can Help

  • Thorough Case Evaluation: We start with an in-depth analysis of the charges against you to identify any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.
  • Strategic Defense Planning: Our attorneys craft a defense strategy that addresses criminal charges and the potential immigration consequences.
  • Representation in Court: We provide strong representation in court, advocating aggressively on your behalf.
  • Protecting Your Future: Our goal is to minimize the impact of the charges on your life, safeguarding your freedom and immigration status.

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