Facing Drug Possession Charges? We Can Help

If you’re accused of drug possession in Texas, the stakes are high, and the consequences can be severe. You could face substantial fines, jail time, and long-term impacts on your personal and professional life. You need a defense team that understands the complexities of drug laws and can provide a vigorous defense on your behalf.

arrest for drug possession in houston, Houston drug possession defense attorney can help you

At Lamb & Turner, PLLC, our drug possession defense attorneys bring years of experience to clients in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. We are deeply familiar with both state and federal drug regulations and will tirelessly work to safeguard your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your situation.

Don’t Face Drug Possession Charges Alone

Drug possession charges require a sophisticated legal defense strategy.

Here’s how our legal team will assist you:

  • Thoroughly investigate the details of your arrest to ensure all evidence was legally obtained and your rights were not violated.
  • Challenge the prosecution’s case, including the validity of drug possession claims and the legality of law enforcement procedures.
  • Explore every defense option, from procedural defenses to substantive challenges to the nature and amount of the alleged drugs.
  • Provide aggressive courtroom representation to advocate for reduced or dismissed charges.

The Consequences of a Drug Possession Conviction

The implications of a conviction for drug possession in Texas can vary greatly based on the type and amount of drug involved, but they typically include:

  • For smaller amounts: Probation, fines, or short-term incarceration.
  • For larger amounts of controlled substances: Long-term imprisonment, substantial fines, and mandatory drug treatment programs.

Why Choose Lamb & Turner, PLLC?

Choosing the right attorney is crucial when facing drug possession charges. Here’s why Lamb & Turner is the right choice:

  • Extensive knowledge of drug possession laws and an adept understanding of criminal defense strategies.
  • Proven negotiation skills to deal effectively with prosecutors and courts, potentially reducing the severity of penalties.
  • Experienced trial attorneys who are unafraid to challenge drug possession charges in court to protect your interests.
  • Commitment to personalized client service, ensuring you feel supported and informed throughout your case.

Facing drug possession charges can be daunting, but you don’t have to face them alone.

Contact us today at 713-529-5025 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you fight back against your drug possession charges.