The Path to U.S. Citizenship: Your Options

There are several routes to U.S. citizenship, depending on your background, situation, and legal standing. Let’s go over them and help you decide which is best for you, as well as how to get started. Why Become a U.S. Citizen? The citizenship process in America is called naturalization, and U.S. citizenship can be achieved in […]

Immigration and Divorce

Divorce is a complicated legal process in general. When you add in an immigrant spouse (regardless of status), you potentially add new complications. Let’s discuss some common scenarios where immigration and divorce overlap. Can You Divorce An Immigrant Spouse? Just like U.S. citizens, immigrants also have the right to divorce their spouses. However, it is […]

Getting a Green Card in the U.S.: An Overview

Who needs a green card? What is the process for getting a green card? What green card laws do I need to know? We answer all of these questions related to getting a green card in the United States in this blog post. Who Needs a Green Card? The best way to answer the question […]