Immigration and Divorce

Divorce is a complicated legal process in general. When you add in an immigrant spouse (regardless of status), you potentially add new complications. Let’s discuss some common scenarios where immigration and divorce overlap. Can You Divorce An Immigrant Spouse? Just like U.S. citizens, immigrants also have the right to divorce their spouses. However, it is […]

Federal vs. State Immigration Law

Immigration laws in states can differ from federal immigration laws. Texas is a good example of this. So let’s cover what you need to know about federal immigration laws compared to state immigration laws. For a non-U.S. citizen seeking a pathway to entry to the United States, the structure of America’s constitutional system – namely […]

Getting a Green Card in the U.S.: An Overview

Who needs a green card? What is the process for getting a green card? What green card laws do I need to know? We answer all of these questions related to getting a green card in the United States in this blog post. Who Needs a Green Card? The best way to answer the question […]

Asylum Seeker vs. Refugee – What’s the Difference?

What are refugees and asylum seekers? The words “refugee” and “asylum seeker,” though used in common conversation as one and the same, in fact, have important legal distinctions which are at the heart of international issues, including political persecution and poverty. These issues keep families figuratively and literally divided across borders, sometimes for years and […]

Am I Eligible To Apply For Asylum? Applying for Asylum in Houston, Texas

Each year, our asylum laws in the United States help refugees and people in need to no longer live in fear. However, asylum seekers are often required to navigate a complex and lengthy application process that can even involve various government agencies. In this article, we’ll answer all your questions regarding the asylum process in […]